Bouncing Back

Bounce Back Stronger from Adversity:
Building Resilience in Yourself and Your Team

Life has challenges for individuals, as well as for organizations. But what separates those who are successful from those who crash and burn, or merely weather the storm?

The ability to bounce back.

We’ve all marveled at the ability to recover from – or adjust to – misfortune or change.  The ability of our heroes to prevail in the face of adversity. Resilience, our ability to bounce back, is a dynamic capacity in individuals and organizations that can grow and develop over time. While we all have some natural ability to bounce back from failure and hardship, we can all boost our ability to be more resilient and grow from our challenges.  

Learn what new research in Positive Psychology is telling us about:

  • Why some people are just naturally resilient
  • How you can be resilient, too
  • How your team can be more resilient

The ability to bounce back is what makes us more successful in business, and in our lives overall.